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We are SFHouseMusic, a collection of San Francisco House Music DJs, Events and Venues that are current and influential. We are represented by one uniting idea: SF sound. San Francisco House Music is pleased to present you with the best of undeground house music events in SF. We provide you with the list of best underground house music events, night clubs, dance clubs, private clubs, business listings and record labels. Our site is updated daily. For free guest list, VIP invitations, tickets and details about particular house music event, send us an email at info@sfhousemusic.com.

taylor made

Email: taylorh@live.com
URL: https://soundcloud.com/taylor-made-01/the-hitterz

About taylor made

  1.  HOUSE HEADZ TO 80 FREAKS FROM 90'S TILL NOW TAYLOR MADE AKA TAYLOR MICHAELS HAS BEEN ROCKIN THE FLOORS AND DECKS FROM THE Days that blended till many nights of the house boom rave explosion of the 90's always with a super charged drive and ear for the quality traxx and sound underground 
  2. indie slash 4 on the floor progression ,leaving the plastik shit to the larger community settling in the niche of west cost house music culture. Taylor made ,found love and his home in SanFrancisco at no debate the perfect time for what was the humble start for this artist as the disco 70" 80's new wave to b his pulling grounds for influence naturally who could of guessed yep house music would b next and in 92 2 turntables and a guy named tracy had a idea to pass on the gift to taylor being all he did was listen and dance seemed he needed more from it and so tracy begun a friendship that would lead into the love passion and creative outlet taylor always needed teaching him to mix and pushing him to always dig deeper for the sounds the average could not find ,a habbit still practiced everyday taylor made has been in the shadows learning still in his mind well defined on style and beyond rehursed with traveling al the way up to seattle ,portland ,and a long stay in the 2000 till 2008 playing in honolulu for just about any club he set his eye on. after a break till 2013 now in full force he has picked up where his mixing passions left off ready to share back in sanfrancisco his story in sound with no doubt that if given a slot and a ear to pus

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