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We are SFHouseMusic, a collection of San Francisco House Music DJs, Events and Venues that are current and influential. We are represented by one uniting idea: SF sound. San Francisco House Music is pleased to present you with the best of undeground house music events in SF. We provide you with the list of best underground house music events, night clubs, dance clubs, private clubs, business listings and record labels. Our site is updated daily. For free guest list, VIP invitations, tickets and details about particular house music event, send us an email at info@sfhousemusic.com.

Privacy Policy

SFHouseMusic.com is committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients and web site visitors. This privacy policy will outline the way your information is gathered, used, and protected anytime you visit our website or when you purchase our products and services.

Please read our privacy policy carefully so that you understand our online privacy practices. Whenever you visit our website you have consented to the privacy policy and terms of agreement set forth by SFHouseMusic.com. In addition, this privacy policy and terms of agreement governs any dispute over our online privacy practices. Any pertinent changes to our privacy policy will be posted on our website for your review.

Collecting Personal Information:

When purchasing any products or services via SFHouseMusic.com, you will be asked to provide contact information (name, email address, and mailing address) and payment information (credit card number, expiration date, billing name and address.) We do not sell, rent or loan any personal information.

We may need to use this information to contact you if any problems arise with your payment transaction or credit processing. If you purchase special advertising space from SFHouseMusic.com, we may contact you to verify the content of your ad.

Your financial information is kept private and will not be used for any purpose, including marketing directly to you. Your contact information is also kept private and will not be used by anyone accept for SFHouseMusic.com or the rights' owner of the masters purchased in SFHouseMusic.com's virtual store.

With this said, we do analyze and aggregate information about use patterns and demographics. We do this so we can best serve the preferences and interests of our loyal customers. We will not, however, release your name, email address or any other personal information to third parties for marketing purposes, unless you provide consent.

Furthermore, SFHouseMusic.com may need to share your personal information to consultants or outsource entities who perform work for us so that you can purchase products, have products delivered to you, or receive certain services, and content on our website. Companies working for us to provide you with quality customer service must abide by the privacy policy set forth by SFHouseMusic.com.

We will disclose personal identifiable information upon orders by law enforcement or judicial authorities or at our discretion for activities we believe to be unlawful.


Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer so that the information might be available for later access by itself or other servers.

SFHouseMusic.com uses cookies to study tracking patterns and usability on our website, but we do not use cookies to market directly to you. We have no control over whether and how our advertisers use cookies that originate from their website.


All purchases of products and services our processed though a secure server and encrypted for your protection. We are not responsible for any commerce transactions conducted on websites that have links from our site, and cannot vouch for the security of information submitted in those transactions.


This site provides links and pointers to various third parties and content web sites. Please be aware that SFHouseMusic.com is not responsible for the information on these sites and any products or services offered there, and we disclaim any responsibility for the privacy practices of such sites. Our privacy policy applies solely to SFHouseMusic.com.


If you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us: info@sfhousemusic.com

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