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Phantasmagoria feat. Mad Maxx Extended Set!

Phantasmagoria feat Mad Maxx Extended Set
Sat 10/14/2017
Phantasmagoria feat. Mad Maxx Extended Set!   

DNA Lounge
375 11th st
San Francisco, CA 94103
Croess Street: Harrison
Neighborhood: Soma
Tel.: 4156261409
Sat, Oct 14, 09 PM - 04 AM

phan·tas·ma·go·ri·a (?fan?tazm???ôr??) 
A sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream. 

Come one come all to the Halloween flavored frolic Phantasmagoria… MoooHahahahhhahaa…. Yes friends and freaks and family…. The time once again to celebrate our pagan roots through debaucheries, abandonment, gratuitous pleasure… and of course wild costumes! This is a chance to let your grown up kid inside of you run loose and run exuberantly through the streets… Your dear hosts have a really wild ride in store for you… get ready for the return of our favorite Psy Guy Around – Mad Maxx gearing up for an extended 3 hour set of Musical Mayhem! Prepare yourself for a tour through multiple styles and sub sects of psy featuring the bay area’s top Psychedelic Trance Masters as well as a panoply of pleasure in the Hardcore, Hardstyle, Techno, and Psychedelic Lounge. 

Mad Maxx {Extended 3 hour set}
The LSDjs (Doctor Spook, Michael Liu & Sausee) 
Leonardo Barcellos

Michael Liu 
Petting Zoo
Bud Vapor
Reever vs. Gutter Kid

2 Room Immersive Environments by: GUR8 Deco and Geomagnetic
3 Fully Stocked Bars For The 21+ | All Night Pizza | Unlimited In & Outs | Huge Outdoor Smoking Area

DNA Lounge & All Night Pizza, 375 Eleventh St, San Francisco, CA

Massive Parking Lot Located One Block Away Open Till 2:30 AM

ALL AGES | 9PM - 4AM | Limited Discount Presale Tickets: https://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2017/10-14d.html


Phantasmagoria feat Mad Maxx Extended Set  

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