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DJ Laird

Email: goldengaterecordings@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.djlaird.com

About DJ Laird

DJ Laird grew up near Chicago, immersed in the vibe of
the original house music scene during the late ‘80’s,
buying records and DJing numerous warehouse and
renegade parties. A classically trained pianist of a
dozen years and modern day bohemian, Laird moved to
San Francisco in 1990 and immediately became involved
in the explosion of the West Coast rave scene. Since
then he has played in most clubs on the West Coast,
and for numerous Warehouse parties/Massives and
special events across the United States and throughout
Europe. From Burning Man to Xingolati, Coachella to
Cirque de Soleil, Laird is renowned for his dirty
funky house that gets you grooving and raw psychedelic
breakbeat sessions that has you rocking.
In 1995 Laird moved to Paris and began a weekly show
on the house music radio station FG 98.2. During his
yearlong stay he played France’s biggest clubs
including Queen, the Rex Club, Folies Pigalle, and Le
Palace, and the massive "Universe" party in Munich,
Germany, headlining festivals and clubs throughout
Paris, along the Cote d’Azur, and all over Europe.
Laird performs alongside world renowned artists such
as Kraftwerk, Roberta Flack, Fat Boy Slim, Lee Coombs,
Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Derrick Carter, Adam
Freeland, Stacy Pullen, Freq Nasty, Tipper, and Mark
Farina, to name a few.

Since returning to the United States in 1996 Laird has
continued to DJ prolifically and also undertaken music
production and setting up his own record label "Golden
Gate Recordings". Releases include the title track on
OM Records’ "United Nations of Future Music Vol. 1",
Red Bull's "Ascension" CD, many mix CDs and other
tracks listed in the discography below. 

Laird also throws and is an organizing partner of
several of San Francisco’s wonderful parties,
including "Get YER Freak on!" which lays down some of
San Francisco's funkiest dirtiest house, breakbeat,
and psychedelic space funk, and LUSH Camp,
co-spearheading the project throughout the year and in
the desert at Burning Man 2004.

“We would like to say that if you have not seen Laird,
and you like funk and cowboy hats, you CANNOT MISS
this monster of funk!” DJ Lorin.  Look for more
releases and remixes in the future.


Coachella, LUSH Camp (Burning Man '04), Freek Factory
(New York), Cyberfest, Release, Spundae, OM Records,
Thump, Get YER Freak on!, Sunset, Qool/Looq, 2nd
Sunday, Blasthaus, Green Gorilla, Community, Anon
Salon, LA Breakbeat Association, Opel, Get Freaky.
  Mix CDs;
"Cellular Dance"

DJ Laird  DJ Laird  DJ Laird  

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