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We are SFHouseMusic, a collection of San Francisco House Music DJs, Events and Venues that are current and influential. We are represented by one uniting idea: SF sound. San Francisco House Music is pleased to present you with the best of undeground house music events in SF. We provide you with the list of best underground house music events, night clubs, dance clubs, private clubs, business listings and record labels. Our site is updated daily. For free guest list, VIP invitations, tickets and details about particular house music event, send us an email at info@sfhousemusic.com.
Alter Ego feat. SONNS || dAvi A || Woo

Alter Ego feat SONNS  dAvi A  Woo
Thu 02/15/2018
Alter Ego feat. SONNS || dAvi A || Woo   

The Great Northern
119 Utah st
San Francisco, CA
Thu, Feb 15, 09 PM - 02 AM



Alexandre Mouracade's roots in the Los Angeles music scene span the better part of two decades not only as a musician and DJ, but also as the founder of the globally hyped party, "Making Shapes" and more recently as a charting producer under the moniker, Sonns and Split Secs with Travis Kirschbaum. Mouracade's roots reach as far back as the Southern California punk scene that gave rise to an equally as rich underground club world in the 90s. He studied jazz improvisation and music theory in college, at which time he bought his first samplers and sequencers. In the process, Alexandre got a severe addiction to buying records and finding old synths to record and learn from.
Mouracade's music and DJ sets reflect his passion for digging deep and not sticking to a specific genre - but by finding those tracks that have a timelessness to fit any moment on the dance floor.

Since 2012, Split Secs landed on various charts and track listings when the duo’s first EP “I’m Not Losin’” (Jolly Jams) earned heavy rotation worldwide. The warm and relatable analog feel carried over to Mouracade's solo effort, SONNS with his debut track, 'On My Mind' moving feet across the globe.

In addition to owning and operating the Machine Limited label with Kirschbaum, Mouracade is not only staking claim for himself as one to watch but giving Los Angeles the attention it deserves as a bastion for dance music.

Currently SONNS is releasing music on Kompakt Records, Hottrax, ESP Institute and his own Machine Limited.

dAvi A

Even though this DJ's career has just begun to expand, dAvi A (formerly dAvi) is no new comer to the underground electronic dance music scene, Being introduced to the LA rave scene at an extremely early age, you could say he definitely has roots in dance music, even though he enjoys, pursues, and takes inspiration from, other genres of music such as alternative,, cold wave, indie rock and post-punk. After spending his teenage years around an abundance of 90’s house and techno talent in LA. Davi moved to San Francisco at the age of 20 yrs old. After a couple short years of exploring SF's underground nightlife scene, he began collaborating and hosting one of SF’s best mix-sexuality Electro/Indie parties.. White Diamonds. After a year and a half of WD he moved to NYC to peruse fashion and study at F.I.T., and fell into the underground club kid scene of Susanne Bartsch’s parties and many more..

In 2007 dAvi A began his descent back into SF where DJing quickly took off for him, throwing a mix of different parties around SF, which included his Nu Disco/ Disco project WORKIN’ the MACHINE at SF’s former Triple Crown, as well as different parties at the famous 222 Hyde. Being good friends with (and extremely inspired by) San Francisco legendary party promoters and DJ's such as the PacificSound crew Solar, Galen and J-Bird (Sunset), the [KONTROL] team Sammy D, Nikola Baytala, Alland Byallo and many more… his style began to emerge. He also takes credit in the introduction of the members of his brother, Ryan Williams's, band PillowTalk. dAvi A has also opened for such talents as DJ Harvey, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Tiger & Woods, Kim Ann Foxman, Justin Martin, Tone of Arc, Pezzner, Benoit & Sergio, Mark E, Clockwork and many more.. By taking in aspects from all genres and eras of electronic and dance music, and taking risks, he has created a rare taste of exceptional sound..


WOO is Mark and Clive Ives, two brothers who have effectively shut out the world and created a musical world of their own. In 1972, sequestered in a small row house in Wimbledon in South London, the Ives brothers began to create a music which they wanted to hear. For several years they made tapes for their own amusement, never once thinking anyone else would be interested. It wasn't really important whether anyone else was interested, and that's one of the main reasons why WOO music works so well, and why it defies all attempts at defining what "kind" of music it is. It is music which delights in its own existence, and in the process, charms the listener like nothing else. It was 1981 before anyone else suggested the world might like a listen, too, and the result was "Whichever way you are going, you are going wrong". Released in the U.K. in 1982, it received rave critical reviews in the difficult to please British press.

Initially describing themselves as alternative, indie rock, lofi jazz, synth & nostalgic acoustic guitar music, the Ives brothers eventually shifted to albums described as ambient, new age, spiritual, angelic, instrumental music for meditation, relaxation & healing.


Alter Ego feat SONNS  dAvi A  Woo  

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